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Event Data Recorder, NEEMA N-400

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[Samjung Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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The First Vessel EDR (Event Data Recorder)

NEEMA N-400 is a Black Box for all kinds of vessels.
Plus, NEEMA N-400 records Video images all around of a vessel.

Relevent Ships

  • Container
  • Passenger ship
  • Cargo vessel
  • Fishing boat
  • Yacht
  • Ferry boat
  • Patrol boat


  • 360° recording & storing
  • Large capacity (HD and CF Memory card)
  • Impact sensing and automatic recording
  • When parking, automatic impact sense in and recording
  • Car alarm sensing and recording
  • Convenient operating with Remote controller
  • Manual recording by divers
  • Each channel and all channel display function
  • GPS module
  • Possible to applicate in ships and aircraft
  • Possible to change very expensive DVR (including computers and monitors) with NEEMA N-400


HDD, CF Memory Card
CCD camera

NEEMA N-400 for Security system

No expensive DVR with expensive CCTV camera and monitor.
No need to install Very expensive security system.
NEEMA N-400 will be Watchman for your house or building!

NEEMA N-400 can replace the high cost DVR system.
If you don't need urgency police dispatch,
NEEMA N-400 must be the best.

Storing Point

  • Small
  • Cheaper than other security DVR system with monitors
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to move camera location
  • Can use NEEMA N-400 as Event Data Recorder (Car Black Box)

Useful place

  • Common house
  • Small building
  • Office
  • Personal parking lot
  • Places where there is a danger of theft
  • Any place wherever a user want to install

Military EDR (Event Data Recorder)


  • All around view recording of Military cars, Warships and Aircrafts.
  • Video conference with Image data of EDR
  • Wireless transmission to Military base or Control tower
  • Real timechecking of Military drill
  • Real time control of military operation and trainning
  • Evidence for every accident

EDR fof Military NEEMA N-400

  • H.264 Compression : Using Hardware CODEC Not DSP
  • Max.120 ips(HD) 60 ips(D1), recording in NTSC/PAL
  • Install Max.2 SD memory cards (Expand up to 4 SD memory cards)
  • Mobile EDR with Google Earth Application
  • The vehicle speed and location can be actively tracked by internet software
  • Impact sensor detect

Relevant Vehicles

  • Military cars
  • Tank
  • Warship
  • Fighter
  • Military plane
  • Reconnaissance plane
  • Military motorcycle
  • Patrol boat
  • Transporter