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Car-DVR, NEEMA N-200

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[Samjung Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

NEEMA N-200 protects you when you can be an assaulter.

With one high effectiveness, small camera, it can record and store the image data of impact, accident, sharp acceleration and sharp brake automatically, which prove the causes of accidents by equip.

Products superiority
NEEMA N-200, simpler and higher quality design and easier installation than any other products. More over, NEEMA N-200 has

SD Card storing time (1 clip = 40 second setting / 20 seconds before and after accidents)

640x480 / CMOS Type / 1CH
MPEG-4 / 640x480 / 30fps max /
Continuous Recording /
Event Recording by G-Sensor / Manual Button
Event Sensor
SD Memory Card / 2GB ~ 32GB
Status Indicator
Video Out
Operating Voltage
Operating Temperature
-10°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ 85°C
Main Body : 110x55x25(mm)
Main Body with Bracket : 110x55x30(mm)


  1. Time & date setting : External video output or read SD card with a computer
  2. Recording time control : 20 ~ 60 seconds (If you set "10", it means NEEMA N-200 records each 10 sec. for each pre/post crash)
  3. Recording during power shutdown : Max. 20seconds (18 sec for pre-crash, 2sec for post-crash
  4. Sensor intensity control : Level control adjustable (High, Normal, Low)
  5. Video display : A/V Output to general navigation (A/V cable provided)
  6. Option (CCTV function) : Connect infrared sensor or door sensor at home or office as your mini CCTV
  7. Volume control : Recording start/ power supply warning sound adjustable for level 1~10
  8. Sensor Sound ON/OFF


  1. Simple, luxurious design
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Small size


  1. Sudden start or stop also records automatically
  2. Sensor intensity level is adjustable
  3. High quality digital camera chip makes you recognize the license plate in the shot
  4. Manual recording function records max. 30 sec per each before you button or after the button.
  5. In case you need, you can detach the device from the stand to record clips
  6. No need to detach the main device just to view the data
  7. Data view and option setting thru A/V connection with a navigation
  8. Not support audio data to protect your privacy (phone calls, DMS, etc.)
  9. Recording 20 seconds during power shutdown
  10. Plays on any type of Windows based media players
  11. User-friendly setting options
  12. Auto deletion to reserve enough space for new data
  13. Operation guaranteed on surface temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
  14. Attachable on room mirror or dashboard